Digesting Socialism

                                                       Red is the ultimate statement on its own. 

Do not fxxx me around....

Two Worlds

Two Worlds

Propaganda,194x130cm,oil on canvas
Smiley,oil on canvas,200x140cm
Luxurious,oil on canvas,194x130cm

Comrades,200x138cm,oil on canvas
Distraction,oil on canvas,90x64cm
Twins,oil on canvas,90x62cm

CCCP,oil on canvas,300x200cm
This is Art!!!!!!!

Cabaret,oil on canvas,200x136cm

Suppressed,oil on canvas,118x90cm

Virgin,oil on canvas,118x90cm

Watch Us,60x50 cm

2 Worlds,oil on canvas,200x140cm

Beached Whale,oil on canvas,164x130cm

Sex  Slaves,oil on canvas,90x64cm

Premonitation,oil on canvas,50x40cm

Twins,oil on canvas,90x62cm

Constrain,oil on canvas,88x64cm

Fugitive,oil on canvas,200x105cm

Vendetta,oil on canvas,162x130cm

Accidents Happend,oil on canvas,200x140cm

Stalin made in China,oil on canvas,125x100cm

Veiled Beauty,oil on canvas,66x50cm

March to the Beat,oil on canvas,200x134cm

Anticipation,oil on canvas,164x130cm