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Established in 1866, Fawcett is the UK’s leading campaign for equality between women and men. Our vision is of a society in which women and men enjoy equality at work, at home and in public life. We campaign on women’s representation in politics and public life; pay, pensions and poverty; valuing caring work; and the treatment of women in the justice system. We make real differences in women’s lives by creating awareness, leading debate and driving change and we have real lobbying power. Our successes range from a change in the law to allow political parties to use all-women shortlists to increase the number of women MPs, to reform of the rape law, to a new duty on public bodies to promote equality between women and men.
Art-group Vojna is going in for street art and actionism. Street Art and Art Actionism  widespread in the West for a long time and recognized by leading experts in the world as one of the most valuable directions in contemporary art. But this is quite new direction for Russian contemporary art.
Art-group Vojna created on 23th February 2007. The leader and idol of art-group was and remains great Russian artist Dmitriy Prigov. At the present time Art-group Vojna numbers more than 200 activists, who make different actions in the name of Art-group and often don’t give any details to Art-group.
After the death of the ideologist and leader Dmitriy Prigov, Art-group refused the idea of leader and gave right for the activists to create and make actions by themselves.
This web-site is first and only source of information about Art-group Vojna. Art-group Vojna have no connection with any other blogs, twitters and web-sites.
Before this moment Art-group Vojna never has any own info-sources and let all journalist write any information about art-group, even it was doubtful.
The artist, art-critic and friend of the Art-group – Alexey Plucer-Sarno, supported the Art-group in his LiveJournal-blog by his publications. Plucer-Sarno has made media-art for the Art-group. But all his publications has fiction type, and it were not official declarations of the Art-Group, and could not be used as documentary evidences. The inspirer of the Art-Group is Dmitriy Prigov.