Red is the ultimate statement on its own. 


Destiny,oil on canvas,194x132cm
Constant Danger,oil on canvas,194x130cm

Spanish Monkey,oil on canvas,194x130cm

Fight for Freedom,oil on canvas,194x130cm
World of Powerful,194x130cm,oil on canvas
Private Talk,oil on canvas,194x130cm
Confession,194x130cm,oil on canvas

Tango,oil on canvas,194x130cm

Enchained,oil on canvas,194x130cm
Indoctrination,oil on canvas,194x130cm

Commander,oil on canvas,194x130cm

Chess game,oil on canvas,194x130cm
Red Madonna,oil on canvas,194x130cm

Forgive Me,oil on canvas,194x130cm

Powerful,oil on canvas,194x130cm
Riding High,oil on canvas,194x130cm

Wild2,194x130cm,oil on canvas

Again,oil on canvas,35x27cm

No Permitted,oil on canvas,132x116cm

New Start,oil on canvas,164x132cm

The animals and creatures which appear throughout my works personify emotions and the most basic instincts, they are my versions of society’s totems. These are scattered throughout the works encroaching or resting on exposed, vulnerable human forms, almost exclusively on female forms, traditionally and stereotypically perceived as the most vulnerable of all. This is a depiction of the struggle of humanity against itself and the all too easy pigeon-holing into stereotypes and prejudices within society. It is a depiction of the sometimes triumphant, as in Destiny, sometimes doomed as in Fight for Freedom and at other times the static as in Survivor, not fighting against the current.

One of the first works I produced was Destiny. It was at that time a work that personified me, carrying the burden of responsibility and digesting each disappointment as it arose, with each new step or more aptly with each new stumble. The works are strewn with sarcasm and black humour paired with unlikely characters and creatures. It is my own inner derisory commentary. I do not aim to make an intellectual philosophical commentary in search of a ‘higher truth’, it is simply my words in oil, however clumsy they may appear at first sight. However, hopefully the clumsiness is dispelled when one feels the effect of the frying pan hitting and when viewing my collection as a whole.

Undeniably, there is a feminist undertone, but the images are an amalgamation of the oppressed and suppressed female form intertwined with a portrayal of strength, resilience and determination. As with Luxurious, women’s sexuality is strong and sometimes aggressive as a survival technique. Unfortunately, this is a technique which is the product of the socializing effect of the Western cultures, not in the promotion of inner strength and self-belief but in glamourized almost pornographic perceptions of womanhood. Women's strength in the mainstream subsists on unequal, gendered paternalistic foundations. The fickle images as a representation of strength is undeniably exposed and vulnerable, there for the ‘taking’ as with Beached Whale and Indoctrination.