It´s not too late...
You deserve it..

I was asked by the organizers to put on an event that would help bring something artistic to the proceedings which I duly took on as a challenge.  The idea from my perspective was to try & stand out from the waves & waves of portrait & landscapes which were to dominate the event. You know my approach is always to being a message or a communication with all forms of art I create.Together with the cooperation of philosopher & writer Keni Lynch and several local artists Marta Balla, Marta Font Mestre, we were able to create something original which would be both a performance by way of witnessing its execution & at the same time serve as a permanent monument to the subject.
With the recent publicity & ongoing discussions following the nuclear accidents due to reasons varying between bad geographical location & sites well past their shelf life, I decided a form of nuclear message would best be served which would also be a dramatic stage in terms of the performance we would put on including a live meltdown & contamination & futile attempts at containment.  I had a feeling there would be some ignorant acts of protest or some form of censorship, which is why I decided it would be best for you to avoid the event this past weekend.

Surprisingly, on Saturday afternoon, the performance went ahead as scheduled with great success. The performance attracted interest & was filmed for posterity & the end result exceeded our expectation.  What I wasn’t to know, was that within hours of us leaving the “Falling on Deaf Ears” unprotected that evening, the work would be dismantled entirely & reduced to garbage with the structure being to used to host other more traditional aesthetically acceptable forms of art. 
I recognized that Spain maybe wasn’t the home of the most “avant garde” art in the world, but I did believe at least that it allowed freedom of expression in whatever forum & didn’t imagine that such faceless cowardly censorship existed so close to home. 
So, I hope you will forgive me for my decision to refrain from inviting you all & that you will allow me to show you the event from the safe distance via a camera lens.

The Cuboid Project
Conciencia medioambiental integral
Integral Environmental Awareness

This project consists of the installation of a number of cuboid & cube constructions. The cubes being 60cms cubed & the cuboids approximately 2,00 meters high, 1,30 meters wide & 1,30 meters deep, with each of the four sides expressing an essential component of earths´ sustainability.
The installation will be constructed and decorated on site,
using photos and artwork in collage style, with the assistance of the
public, who will also contribute personal graffiti, comments and
The concept behind this artwork is Integral Ecology, an approach that unites consciousness, culture and nature in the service of sustainability. Integral Ecology recognizes that in order to solve environmental problems, we need
to be aware of the multiple global perspectives of individuals (both human & otherwise), communities and cultures, with their many different environmental concerns.
Construcción / Construction
· On a wooden structure in the form of a cuboid …
· ... Pieces of plywood are used to form the sides of the cuboid.
· Once the cuboids are built, we decorate each face, in a collage style, together with the help of the public using various photos and creating art using spray paint, brushes, and markers, according to the scheme of the project being described.
Idea original de N. Russo
Original idea by N.Russo
El proyecto puede ser utilizado para reivindicar el problema del cambio climatico.

The Project may used to re-emphasize the problems of climatic change.